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MB engine - oversize pistons

John Robinson, who cannot be with us tonite(tm) because he has neither a 
computer nor an email account, has an MB engine at 155k miles.
It's in little pieces, and obviously requires reboring and oversize pistons.  
However, the Audi microfiche define no oversize option for the MB engine - 
there are three for the older ur-quattro engines, but nothing for the MB or RR.

a) The original piston is 034 107 065L.  Is this piston used in any other 
   applications for which oversizes are defined?
b) South Hereford Audi has come up with two part numbers - Mahle 0348 002 and 
   KS938 986 10.  Does anyone recognise these basic syntaxes and have any 
   experience of the products?
The other problem is that, even using these sources, the most we can find is 
four pistons - not a lot of use in a 5-pot engine.  My own interest is that my 
engine, while not as heavily abused as John's, is at 134k miles.
(And if there are any children watching - this is what happens if you
 drag-race cold engines!  _You_ won't be this silly, will you, children?) 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club