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RE:Smiling as I go to bed!

In a note dated: 12/18/96, Eric says:
>Not the IMSA Cars.  I raced against both the T/A cars (Semi tube frame) and
the >IMSA cars (Full tube frame)...
Eric is absolutly correct on both counts...as a motorsports fanatic and
photographer, not to meantion quattro fan, I saw these cars run as many times
as possible. Since Eric was racing against them, he would know what they were
really capable of too-and they were an awesome sight. I will never forget the
qualifying duel between Stuckie and Jean Alesi's F-40...but let's not forget
Hurley and Walter either...Sears Point, 1988, Walter putting on a
"demonstration" in the rain...blew people's minds and made many a quattro
believer that day! As a race fan who has it in his blood (dad raced for Lola
in the late 50's and early 60's, then step-dad gave me this last name which
is one the dash of almost all Italian sports cars-yeah the rest too...). I
have not really followed IMSA or Trans-Am since they banished AWD-just not as
fun to watch or shoot. Yes, those were the days and it would surely be a
treat to see a return of q's in American racing...NATCC??? BTW, Hans and
Hurley didn't do too bad in the Brumos 911's in Supercar series either...they
are fun to watch. Great poster Trisha...would make me smile too, as do the
memories. Happy Holidays all!!!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq