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$8K '90 V8 Quattro

I came upon this ad in an internet car trader site:

> 1990, AUDI, V8, asking $ 8000, 1990 Audi V8 Pearl w grey leather interior. Salvaged 90% restored 35k original miles
> must sell by Dec 31st or I lose the car! Will accept any reasonable offer. Asking $8,000. Please Email jim@greek.net
> mileage: 35000 email: jim@greek.net, (714) 644-2108.

It looks like the car was hit in the front.  The frame was bent.  Currently,
the frame has been straightened and the body work done and re-painted.  The
engine is out of the car (so that the frame could be straightened).  It still
needs things like the headlight assemblies.  

It sounds like the guy is desparate to sell it, but it sounds like it might
be a handfull to get back on the road.  Does anyone know anything about this
car?  Does anyone live near Crona Del Mar, which is where yahoo places the
phone number?

-steve "who'd love a V8 Quattro but can't afford one at the moment.." valin