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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about my 4kq suspension woe. Just
finished with new bushings, new boge gas turbos, new Eibach springs (had
H&R too because of a double order, ended up going Eibach for a couple of
reasons), new stainless brake lines/fluid, rear tie rods, etc. Drove it
around in the snow/dirt/pavement last night, much MUCH more fun. Slides
better, no more rear end weirdness, absolutely fun even at speed on ice
(studded snows), minimal body roll. Yeah!

A few Qs: 

Q1: I want to put bigger rims on it, what's the biggest anyone on the list
out there is running for a car that still has to function as a daily
driver? I'm also pretty tight financially after all of the above; anybody
have some 15 or 16s just cluttering up a garage that would fit a 4kq or
know of a screaming deal? I'm not too particular about how this car looks,
I just want it even more locked down.

Q2: Apparently, you can take the grill and lights out of an 84 4kq and drop
them right into an 86; this means normal US headlights, minimal relay work
and about $80 plus the headlights, which apparently you can get in most
wattages (not too much, I still want to use the old harness). Anyone done
this and liked/hated it? I'm also very open to other suggestions for
brighter lights (I drive on dirt a lot, so low-hanging lights aren't really
an option) that don't cost a mortage payment or more to fit. I've read the
back digests, not too much on 4kq lights other than full euro conversions.

Q3: The caster on my Q is still a bit out of line; the shop was willing to
put the car on their relatively fresh unibody device for $50, but anybody
know anything about this before I let them do it? Do the lower springs have
any effect here?

Thanks in advance.

"We don't know where we're going, but we have to get there right away."

-Will Gadd