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S6 and A6 Wagon

I have been looking for an S6 Wagon, but can't seem to find one.  
I am willing to go anywhere in the US to pick one up, so if anybody
has any leads, I would appreciate them.  If I can't find an S6 I am
considering an A6 Wagon, but am a little disappointed with only the
172hp.  What is the potential of this engine, while maintaining
and possibly the warranty.   Is there a FAQ for the possible mods and
the order and hp the offer.  I am moving to the Pacific Northwest and
I am trying to consolidate my vehicles.  Currently I have 91 Eclipse GSX
and 92 4Runner, and the S6 seems to be the ultimate cross between these
two.  I need the wagon for the long roof line to carry kayaks.
If you got some advise for me please reply directly to

Neil McGarry