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Re: 4000csQ Hard starting problem when warm...

This may or may not prove helpful. My '86 4kcsq exhibited the same
behavior, along with an intermittently very noisy fuel pump. Replaced fuel
pump, all symptoms gone. Could be the same for you. At least a place to
	- jon

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996 pollock@tarkin.ENET.dec.com wrote:

> Hello out thar in Q -land...
> Lately I've started having a starting (I know, I know) prblem with my 4k.
> When the engine is cold, like first thing in the morning, the thing starts
> right up, like almost with a full rev on the starter and runs perfect, smooth
> etc etcs... However, after it's been driven a while, if I shut it down and 
> attempt a re-start it truns and turns and turns but doesn't catch. If I keep
> doing the turn key, no catch, turn key, no catch, turn key, no catch, turn
> key, CATCH !  Eventually it will start but latley it's been no catch-ing
> more than CATCH.  In all honesty I haven't even gotten around looking at
> anyting yet but I'm curious if anyone out there has any words of wisdom in
> regards to where to look first ???
> Thanks in advance, Tom.
> 86 4KCSQ about to turn 200k
> Leominster, Mass.
> U.S.A