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Re: Urq'd at Hella US

> >  Also, I seem to remember (going back some years here) the one I
> >  saw had a different center panel, smoked to match the lenses.
> >  ?  Can you get these puppies on your side of the pond?
> The centre panel doesn't seem to change.  In any case, only RHD is
> available within the UK.
> >  Do both tail lenses have fog receptacles, or is that a one order
> >  for lefties, another for righties?
> It's in the centre panel, and is LHD/RHD sensitive.
I do know that there was a smoked center section available through Abt
at one time as well.  

I found that the center section on my urq has the molding set up for the 
fog lights on both sides, and the trunk/boot lid has a cover that would 
go over the US fog socket, but when I opened up the center section I found 
that the rear surface of the red lens was covered with some grey material 
... possibly reflective ... so I figured the only thing that adding a bulb 
would do is warm the thing up and didn't pursue it any further.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)