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Silly Idea?

OK Perhaps this is really silly...
 Has anyone the technology to render a picture of what a 5000 CS Quattro   
would look like with the Coupe fender flares on it?  Outside of the realm   
of mechanical possibility; would this simply be outlandishly ugly?  I   
really like the muscular look of the protruding fender treatment.  In   
addition to that, on the same car how would the Audi sport paint look?   
 (White base with Red/Grey/Black) on that same car with bog Fenders...  I   
THINK (that's where the trouble is) this would look really neat because   
the distance between the flares for both door sets would really   
accentuate the "broad-shouldered" look.  Add to that some 17" wheels   
(tastefull) and the STEADI kit, and lots of engine mods, and I think that   
would be an awsome car.  Am I insane?  If not, is this even possible?   
 Some graphically talented Q'Lister up for the challenge?

Robert Dupree
 Network Administrator - Sidley & Austin
 "What exactly do you mean by "outsourced"?
'87 5000 CS Quattro

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