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5ktq, no power

>Limited info, but here we go !
>Give the engine more air... air filter ????? if recently serviced, it
sounds like a lean 
>condition  (air flows in but....where is the gas ????), so:
>Vacuum leak... air comes in but not through the sensor plate.... so, no gas !!
>check (with fingers !) hoses for leaks.
>If no leaks,... the computer is being informed the engine is nice and hot (
coolant temp 
>)so we suspect  the sender.... or
>Air goes through the right places but the fuel system is lazy ( it does
provide fuel 
>but... slowly).. fuel filter...fuel accumulator...and finally
>Sensor plate binding....(not likely but....)
>How old  is mr. oxigen sensor...if more than 30,000 miles he will get lazy,
but I  doubt 
>he could change drastically in two weeks.
Thanks, I was thinking that it might be the temperature sender, or the O2
sensor, since I am getting much worse mileage lately too.  Also, when I
start the car up, usually after setting a while, I can hear about 10 quiet
clicks or bumps coming from the rear of the car, maybe the fuel accumulator,
fuel pump will prolly be bad soon too, since I can really hear her hum
sometimes.  My thoughts are to replace all the temperature senders and the
thermo-time switch, since I am having trouble starting in the cold too
(maybe temp-sender or cold start valve).  I have 131,000 miles on her and I
think that all these senders and such could be going bad by now.  How much
would this cost me?  I was already planning on replacing the O2 sensor.
Prolly been a while.  Let me know what you think.  I really appreciate the

James Fawcett
86 5kTQ
jfawcett@mail.win org
St. Charles,  MO   USA