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Re: battery moving

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Are you sure that your Interstate doesn't have the vent tube-hookup feature
? I  just the other night checked my battery (was installed new when I
bought the  '89 100Q in June '95), and I noticed the vent tube, and I'm sure
it is an  Interstate.  A very very large-cased battery.  Huge.

Actually I was talking to my friendly small car repairman (next door) and he
says Interstate have a vent kit.  So, that's not an issue.  I'd go look at
my battery but it's raining.  And dark.

>As I mull this over, it strikes me that installing a battery right under
the  back seat (such as it is) *without* venting it to the outside could 
potentially produce a very dangerous situation

With my coupe the suggestion was the trunk.  I may very well do this ...
when I'm "all caught up"  Of course the under back seat battery (many -most
- stock Audi 5k's) is vented but I remember on my 83 5kt being able to smell
it a bit.  It's a pretty weird place for a battery isn't it?  One good
reason I ran into though was that it provides better weight distribution.  
One also has to be careful about covering the + terminal very well to avoid
short circuits (lug wrench falls across battery terminal and goes
PABOOOMPHHF! instant weld)

Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers