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Re: Small Audi content

At 09:40 AM 12/20/96 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I may have the opportunity to live/work in the USA starting around March
>'97 for 2 years plus stay on if all goes well.
>I would be living in/around Maddison, Wisconsin? Can anyone help me
>with some details like....
>Q1 : Can I get a reasonable urQ for under $10K us dollars?


>Q2 : If not what Audi can I get for around $10K us dollars?

or a 89-90 10V 200Q, possibly a 90 V8 or 91 20V 200Q

>Q3 : We have to take a pay cut to go cause my wife wouldn't be able to
>work re: immigration. Currently we are pretty comfortable on around 65K
>aus dollars. I haven't had an offer yet but I'm thinking around 45K us. Can
>we live on that in Wisconsin.


>"My Audi is getting $16K of new panels for Christmas how about yours?"

If mine was, I would also be searching for a new insurance company...

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