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S6 and A6 Wagon -Reply

Re: S6, A6 Wgns? Where?
I can see from your area code that we're bosom buddies.  As the 86 
VW Qtm Wgn owner I also have been keeping my eyes open for these
vehicles, as they are the closest thing to what I have now (in case
the thing realy decides to quit...).  (1)  I seem to remember seeing
an S6 W at the Pleasanton dealer (Valley?) some time ago.  They were
definitely carrying the sedan S's pretty regularly.  (2)  As far as
buying an A6 W...if you're going to buy new, better check out Rector
dealership in Burlingame.  They have about 8 of these things around,
may be wanting to dump some soon?  I've never seen so many in one
place at a time, and actually they may have ideas for S6.  (3)  Can't
vouch for reputation with either establishment.
Good Luck
SquirleyD -the OTHER Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syn
97 A4tq -Or- 98 VW Pst Syn?