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Time to pay the Audi gods?

I need some input on the following symptoms.  I have a 1991
Audi 90 quattro 20v, with about 63K miles.  It has developed
a rhythmic shimmy at the front end, matching tire rotation,
evidenced by a 1/4 inch wobble in the steering wheel at low
speeds and a vibration at higher speeds.  It also has a
corresponding squeak also timed to tire rotation.  The wobble
could have been a bad tire, but the squeak seems out of
place.  Any thoughts?  PS- Problems began soon after I had
an alignment done at a dealer.

Also, the car will no longer reach operating temperature
underway.  In traffic the temperature is fine.  On the road, it
remains pegged at the lowest level.  Bad radiator

Thanks for you input.

Greg Cirillo