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Re: Windshield Advice Requested

Glenn Kaufman wrote:
> A bolder hit my windshield on the way to work this morning.
> Does anyone have any info on replacement windshields available?
> Is there a  difference in quality of the glass between what the dealer
> offers and the replacement auto glass places?
> Can anyone suggest shops in the Boston area?
> Thanks!  glenn, 86 Coupe GT


I can't provide any info on Boston area shops, but here is what I found
when I replaced the front screen on my '85 GT this past summer.

There is a marked difference between the aftermarket glass and the
original Audi glass.  (I have one car with each.)  The Audi glass seems
clearer (if that's possible) and there is much less reflection from
other headlights at night.

If you are going to go with the Audi glass, the best deal I could find
was from Linda at Carlsen (800-523-2408).  I think I paid ~$250 plus
shipping back around June.  Please don't quote me on that price, my
memory isn't what it used to be.  I will warn you, the original Audi
glass for the Coupes can be hard to come by, according to Linda I got
one of two windscreens that were in the country at the time.  The other
caveat is that the rubber seals are > $100, so I went by the shop that
was going to be doing the replacement and had him inspect it before I
ordered parts from Linda.  

If the seal is in good shape, and the installer knows what he is doing,
the seal can be reused.  In fact, I now have one less leak into the car,
and I think that removing and reinstalling the windscreen seal took care
of it!

Let me know if I can be of any other help.


Gary G. Erickson            Member #82 NW Audi Quattro Club
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
503-702-5789                  e-mail: erickson@teleport.com