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leaky thermoswitches

This is really starting to bug me. After I got the MC engine running
in my ur-q, of course, the original Audi electronic thermoswitch
started leaking coolant. It eventually got bad enough to fill the rubber
boot, leak down the freshly painted block, and leave a puddle on the
garage floor. I hate leaks and won't succumb to the 911 myth that 
the car is marking its territory.

In september, I order a replacement from GPR, 035 919 369L, the 3 
pin replacementfrom Behr. Hmm invoice says 034 919 369C. Anyways 
I install this one. Starts out fine. A month later the same symptoms, 
puddles of coolant on the garage floor. A few weeks ago I get another
one so I can send the first one back under warranty. Checked this 
morning and the rubber boot is filled with coolant. Arrrg.

I don't think the solution is to shell out $41 every month or so for
a new sensor that doesn't leak. Has anyone run into this type of 
problem before? Is there a bunch of bad Behr sensors out there,
that I have had the opportuninty to find? Am I installing them wrong?

As always, your input and experiences are appreciated.