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Re: '90 V8q stereo ?

In a message dated 96-12-20 03:42:17 EST, you write:

<< > 
 > >that cannot be rewired or bypassed.  They also said speakers have 1.2 ohm
 > >impedence instead of standard 4 ohm.  Only solution according to these
 > >is buy new speakers and rewire the whole thing.  Anybody have any
 > >with this or know of a better solution?  I'd love to hear suggestions.
 > Your shop would be correct.  Do your ears a favor and replace the 
 > speakers......
 Actually, don't you think it would be possible to measure with a meter
 and figure out what power is given to the speakers from the factory unit.
 THen, measure the power from the after market unit and step it down
 with resistors or whatever. I am no electronic expert by far, just a
 passing thought.
 Rob  >>

One other thing you might want to check:

I was trying to get an aftermarket head unit from Crutchfield last year for
my V8, but we had problems (with their converter at the time regulating the
outputs from the head unit to the speakers --this went on for months before
my patience ran out.  Now they supposedly have a new "converter" for
Audi/Bose systems ($70-80).  You might want to give them a call (don't have
the number here).  Otherwise, go with replacing the speakers all around. 

Good luck,

Ingo Rautenberg
90V8Q 159K