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Re: Windshield Advice Requested

Glenn states:

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A bolder hit my windshield on the way to work this morning.
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then asks:

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Does anyone have any info on replacement windshields available?  
Is there a  difference in quality of the glass between what the dealer
offers and the replacement auto glass places?  
Can anyone suggest shops in the Boston area?
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They all use the factory glass as far as I know.  I have used Settles
glass in Watertown (they are everywhere here) and B & R Glass on Mass.
Ave. in Arlington (a rather run down looking place).  Both places did
a good job.  There almost 17 pages of glass places in the Boston yellow
pages.  Pick one and go there or have them come to your car.  You don't
even have to call your insurance company, they take care of it all.
You just pay them your deductable if you have one.

BTW, most places charge less for the glass than the dealer will, installed!

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe