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Q's up the wazoo (Boston Globe)

 Sorry for the waste of BW, but judging from the fact that people 
 will post quattro ads they've seen somewhere, and from someone 
 in Arizona sighing about the lack of used quattros, I've 
 realized that I'm lucky enough to live where there's a plethora 
 of used q's (all generously salted), and many of you are not.  
 From a recent Boston Globe (Wed 12/11/96) that I grabbed at 
 random are the following 15 q's.  The only thing unusual about 
 the list is that there are more q's than non-q's (usually seem a 
 bit more equal, though I don't normally count) and that there 
 are 5 V8s! (usually 0 or 1).  Note the dealers often don't list 
 prices.  So, if you live near New England, you might want to 
 peruse the Globe (especially Saturday/Sunday which will have 
 more non-dealer ads) for used q's.
 95 S6 6k $39950 (dealer)
 89 100Q $5600
 93 S4 (dealer)
 93 100CSQ $19,000 (used-car dlr)
 91 V8Q 60k $19,900 (used dlr)
 90 V8Q $10,900
 86 4kq $4000
 ?? 200Q wagon $7400
 87 5kq $4950 (dlr)
 93 V8Q 21k $? (dlr)
 95 90CSQ (dlr)
 90 V8Q $15,500 (dlr)
 95 S6 30k $? (dlr)
 94 S4 16k $36,750/bo
 90 V8Q 120k $10,995 (used dlr)
 85 urQ 15k $2,295 (not really)
 There are 9 non-q's, including the following somewhat rarer 
 86 GT 1st $2500
 86 5kCST 5speed $$2995/bo
 (Unrelated note: We finally got dry roads for the first time in 
 several weeks and I drove my Corvette today.  Whoa! Be careful! 
 I'm out of practice for that. Not as secure-handling a car as a 
 Quattro.  Too much power to too few wheels.)
 Jack Rich
 90 V8Q
 88 Corvette convertible
 84 4kq