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RE: 4000csQ Hard starting problem when warm...

Hi Tom,

I had the exact same problem on an 87 VW Scirocco 16V.  It turned out to
be a bad ground on the battery.  Try having someone take a standard
gauge wire, which is attached to the ground on the battery, and
grounding it to the car while you are cranking the motor.  On my car it
would catch the moment the wire was touched to ground.  To solve the
problem I just made this extra ground a permanent addition.  The really
strange thing was that after a year or two the problem would surface
again and cleaning the grounds would not work.  I would simple add
another ground wire and all would be fine.

I hope this helps!

'87 4000Q
'76 BMW 2002
'94 Ducati E900


From: pollock@tarkin.ENET.dec.com
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 96 15:40:00 EST
Subject: 4000csQ Hard starting problem when warm...

Hello out thar in Q -land...

Lately I've started having a starting (I know, I know) problem with my
When the engine is cold, like first thing in the morning, the thing
right up, like almost with a full rev on the starter and runs perfect,
etc etcs... However, after it's been driven a while, if I shut it down
attempt a re-start it turns and turns and turns but doesn't catch. If I
doing the turn key, no catch, turn key, no catch, turn key, no catch,
key, CATCH !  Eventually it will start but lately it's been no catch-ing
more than CATCH.  In all honesty I haven't even gotten around looking at
anything yet but I'm curious if anyone out there has any words of wisdom
regards to where to look first ???

Thanks in advance, Tom.

86 4KCSQ about to turn 200k
Leominster, Mass.