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New address

Hey Y'all,

Real soon now, I'm gonna have me a brand new e-mail address.  At the moment
(and for a few days yet), the current address remains in effect.

The new address will be <rmyers@inetone.net>.  The account is in effect at
this moment but I'm still working on getting the software installed.
Well...  Actually, I gave up on installing it on my present computer.  I'll
wait until my new Micron P5-200 shows up today or Monday and install it on
the new computer.

Anyway, if anyone tries to send me private mail with the old address and it
bounces there is a new address to try.

*  Robert L. Myers         rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu>  *
*  Rt. 1, Box 57            304-574-2372           *
*  Fayetteville, WV 25840                          *
*  Obligatory quattro and sleddog-L references:    *
*  My 3 huskies enjoy riding in my '89 200TQ       *