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Now THESE are toys!

I just got back from Bruno's Quattro Center, in Queens NY.
Bruno being Bruno Kreibich of Pro Rally fame (you should
see all the neat photos, posters, trophies, etc!)

Bruno came to my rescue by digging up a center diff lock cable
for me, charged me almost nothing, and didn't want to take
the money until I was sure it would work (I insisted).
To return the favor, I'm posting info on a couple of cars
he's selling.  Prices are high, but these are rare folks.
Neither car is street legal, so unless you're into racing
don't start thinking about them, even if you do have the 
money :)

Car 1: 1985 Sport Quattro.   Yes, THE sport quattro.  Serial
number 001, this was Michele Mouton's car.  Complete with
fresh engine, ready to go.  $60k

Car 2: 1985 UrQ.  Don't have any more details, but it's fully
set up for racing (ie rally) and comes with a ton of spares.

Bruno can be reached at 718-366-1420.  If you call, tell him I
sent you, so he knows where you heard about it (I'm not
on commission, just doing this as a favor!)

No, I didn't get to see either car, they are stored somewhere.

| Dan |
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