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Moving to Vail

Hello everyone:

I had to leave town on 12/4 and was forced to un$ub without saying goodbye.
 Let me tell you, 2+ weeks without the Q-list is tough.  Needless to say,
it's great to be back!

As you can tell from the subject, I'm moving to Vail in early January.  I'll
give y'all the details of my new job, etc. as soon as it's official
(hopefully Mon. or Tues.).  I now have to get my CQ ready for life in the
Rockies and have the following questions:

1) How much $ to replace O2 sensor?
2) Is 10w-40 synthetic good for winter in CO?
3) What coolant ratio should I use?
4) What's a good replacement battery?
5) What about winter wiper blades?
6) Any advice on snow/ice tires?
7) Any good mechanics near Vail?
8) Are people still planning on going to Steamboat?

Sorry for so many questions, but things are moving fast and I don't have much
time with the holidays and all.  I will greatly appreciate any advice.

Happy Holidays!

Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA (soon to be Vail, CO)