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Re: Momo Steering Wheel Hub

Try Racer's Equipment in Providence, RI.  Ask for Fred and tell him that
Trisha from RST Performance sent you.  Good luck.

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Gil Ceniceros wrote:

> I would like to replace the original steering wheel in my 88 5kcsqw with
> a Momo Sport wheel. Never did like the position of the 4 spoke Audi
> wheel, always enjoyed driving my old Alfa much more after installing a
> Momo. 
> The wheel is easy to get, the problem is no one I have found has the
> hub, they say it's back ordered 2-3 weeks. In my experience back ordered
> means maybe later or never. Does anyone know of a source for the hub, or
> have an extra one to sell?
> Also, thanks for the responses re: springs, have decided to hold off on
> suspension work for awhile and install Eric's kit eventually.
> Gil Ceniceros