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A4 Break-in?

Hello and Seasons Greetings:

Well I am finally going to get my new A4 and I am picking it up on 
Monday (yea!)  Since traffic on the list tends to subside during 
holidays I figured I would ask this question now.

I am not sure what the owner's manual will say, but I was wondering 
about the proper break-in for the car.  I have a book called "Drive It 
Forever" which gives good tips about extending the life of your car 
(which worked great on my current Nissan - 98,000 miles and not a 
single problem - highly recommend the book).  The book recommends 
driving slow (50 mph or less) for the first 500-1000 miles and not 
stressing the engine, varying engine speeds, occasional full throttle 
at speed, etc.  In other words, pampering the engine.

However I have seen a few recent posts here about not pampering the 
engine *too* much and driving it much more regularly.  The thought 
being that this is a german engine designed to run and it should be 
trained right, etc.  Any thoughts on proper driving techniques for the 
new engine.  The method in the book worked well for me before but this 
is my first German car and I don't want to end up with a wimpy engine 
because I was over-cautious on the break-in.  Thoughts or opinions?

Thanks much and have a wonderful holiday,
Mark Blum (HobbesCT@ix.netcom.com)