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Re: MAC01B 4000rpm cutout

In message <199612202350.QAA00957@teal.csn.net> pacdev@csn.net writes:

> Phil,
> Just went through this with my Ur-Q! It can be one of three things.
> 	1. Bad throttle position switch
> 	2. SOmestimes a frequency valve problem
> 	3. Air Temp sender.
> For me it was the air temp sender.

Thanks, and the same to all the others, some with more comprehensive
lists.  All the comments (BTDTs) have referred to the air temperature

This is not about _my_ car, but a fellow UK Club member's.  He has
no email link.  He's tried two MAC01Bs and got the same problem with

Merry Christmas to those leaving us.  Those who aren't can expect to
read about my swapping of a clutch master cylinder on a RHD car over
the next couple of days.  Involves removing the steering column!

 Phil Payne

 (phil@sievers.com, despite what the bounces say.  If I don't
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