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Re: Racing


The next autocross is Sunday, January 19 at the Murph.  the person to 
contact for all the details is Bob Schang at (619) 740-1325.  They prefer 
Porsche owners, but except for a very few extremely popular events, welcome 
everyone.  I have even seen Civics and Saturns there.  I will be gone for a 
couple weeks, so hope that is all you need.  Might see ya in January.  I 
will be in a signal red 914.  They usually have a tight course, so don't be 
surprised if my 26 year old, 95 hp, two wheel drive car has a better time 
than your 20vq!  I actually have never seen a Quattro out there,and my 
fiance won't let me take hers, so it would be very interesting to see how 
well you do.


>On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Jad Duncan wrote:
>> The event is put on monthly by the Porsche club, but you don't have to have 
>> a Porsche to race.  I am going home at lunch and will try to get the contact 
>> name and date for you.  I do highly recommend it.  It does wonders for you 
>> driving ability, though tires tend to wear out rather quickly.  It is 
>> totally worth it, they give you helmets and even free drivers training.  
>> Also, you can drive as fast as you are able with no chance of hitting people 
>> or getting speeding tickets!!!!!
>> I'll send the info this PM.
>Thanks, I would appreciate it.
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