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Re: sunroof removal

Tilt the sunroof open.  Push the liner down.  Remove spring between liner and 
sunroof.  Slide liner back into roof.  Close sunroof.  Remove tin rod w\spring 
from underside of sunroof. Remove the other track tilt finger thingy.  One is 
attached to the tin rod, it's mate has to be removed seperately.  At this point 
I think there are four screw holding the sunroof in.

Working off memory here, but this should be close.  A large socket aids in 
rolling the new gasket onto the sunroof.  Installation is reverse of removal... 
;)  Good luck....

-Stott Hare      
'84 4Ksq  (black _& blue_, have turbo, waiting to install...)
Biddeford, Maine