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Re: '85 Ur-Q questions...


congrats on the UrQ.

Cannot tell you about your insurance company, but when I talked to my 
people last Spring the price to insure it was not all that different from 
my 87 4kq.

So, maybe you'll have a pleasant surprise.  All the more $$$ to upgrade 
or fix gremlins.

I have no facts about the possible appreciation in value of the 
car---just an opinion.  My opinion is that it probably won't depreciate 
much more than it already has, but I doubt that it will go up in vlaue 
either.  Unless it somehow becomes a cult car and you gets lots more 
poeple wanting one then their are units to go around.

My guess is that most of the remaining ones in the US are in the hands of 
folks who know what they have and will take care of them.

When I do get mine I'm going to do some minor ods to it for appearance 
and performance value but not go nuts.  If you check out Kurt ansderson's 
home page, the beige '83 he has for sale sort of strikes me as about the 
level of mods I'd do.  He also has a blue '83 that is an Abt stage II 
car--whatever that means.  The description strikes me as a bit too much.  


Bill Murin
87 4kq