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Re: Sad story from LaJolla

>At 11:12 AM 12/20/96 -0500, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>>I need to prove 
>>nothing..... It does'nt impress us professionals when some "wannabe" 
>>tells stories like the one that started this thread, We just start making 
>>bet's on when the accident is going to happen (It will, TRUST Me)
>Second, I don't see how any skill was involved in what I did, and I don't
>how I could look cool flying through an intersection totally out of control
>of a 3200 pound car.  

But, Your piloting a 3200 lbs. WEAPON, and the fact that you went "flying 
through an intersection totally out of control" is the problem.  
Professionals don't put ourselves in that position, it's beyond stupid.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

St. Louis, Mo