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Re: Chips for 94 90csq

Thanks to all that answered my call.

Based on your responses, I don't think I'll be making any engine mods 
until I have to. Besides, I kind of like the engine as factory-set 

However, as I was perusing the archives I noticed some dialogue (circa 
10/94) regarding disconnecting the servotronic mechanism for the 
steering. Has anybody done this? What are the long-term effects? Any?

I was also interested in setting a switch to shut off ABS.  I remembered 
someone on list suggested a fuse bypass.  However, manual says diff lock 
and other circuit on same fuse.  Doesn't seem pratical to bypass.  I 
know my old 90 90q20V had a switch that I sorely miss (My 
preference is to turn off ABS on semi-deep, dry mountain snow a la 
Sierra Nevada- now on east coast, somewhat unsure about my 
response to near-future driving conditions).

Also missing gauges from my old 90 90q20V.  What I'd like to do maybe is 
to install a jack where I can connect a remote cluster (amps, oil 
pressure, oil temp.) at will but not full time.  Lacking the wiring 
diagrams, I don't know if possible. I don't really want to mess up the 
interior but would like more info on the engine status.  

BTW, why was the oil pressure guage on the 90 90q20v so useless?  It 
always seemed to show the same pressure no matter how much oil was in 
the car.  On that car, I had to put a quart every month and faithfully 
reminded to do so by the lifter noise.  My 90 sport q is much more 
robust than the 90 90q20v.

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice x-mas and new year! 

94 90csq (I guess its actually a "sport quattro")