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Relays! prices good.

I'm looking thru most recent "all electronics" catalog and see on
pg17 some automotive relays spst used $10/10 and $80/100, these
are listed as bosch 0 332 207 109 and ford f57b-14b192-aa.  Next
page show bosch 0 332 002 182 for $4.50.  These are 10A no, 20A nc
on the first and 50A no on the second.  If you are in a hurry,
they are at 800-826-5432 for orders, the cat is #696.  There are
also numerous grain of wheat bulbs listed 12v and 14v would apply to
us.  I have no affiliation, nothing to do with, nor have ever ordered
from, guten tag....          Enjoy!
'86's: 5ks&5ktq (iced all over) by the Hudson