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Re: 5ktq, no power

James Fawcett wrote:
> >5.- If temp gauge ( dashboard) is erratic, replace multifunction sender
> (also feeds
> >computer - ECU -).
> Pablo, my temp guage is definately erratic.  What is this multifunction
> sender that you are mentioning.  Where is it located?  Do you have a part
> number?  Thanks for the help.  It has been like this for a while, but I
> figured it was just an open in the circuit somewhere or a loose connection
> for the guage.  Thanks again.
> James Fawcett
> 86 5k TQ
> jfawcett@mail.win.org
> St. Charles, MO   USA


Follow upper radiator hose to housing attached to block. On lower part 
of this housing there is a multifunction sensor with a rubber boot with 
4 or 5 wires sticking out , and a bronze or copper colored exagonal 
shape. It is threaded  to housing (normal thread direction).
With engine cold or lukewarm:
Run a small screwdriver carefully around the perimeter of the boot, 
between the boot and the sender body. The intent is to separate any 
Push down the boot from the upper edge and work it down. ( Do no pull 
down the wires). There is a plug in connector inside with 3 or 4 
contacts. The boot going down will disconnect the plug.
Prepare the replacment part next to you so that you don't have to walk 
Place absorbent towel or rag underneath the sender.
Using an open end wrench loosen sender and finish extraction by hand 
but maintaining slight upward pressure to avoid excessive coolant loss.
When sender completely loose, pull it out and plug opening with left 
hand index finger.
With right hand ( quickly without panic) insert new sender and initiate 
 thread. Do not overtight with wrench. ( brass threads).
Re-connect plug redress boot and clean the coolant from the block etc...
Warm up engine check for leaks and enjoy your new temp reading and ECU 
Sorry no part # However Jim at Blaufergnugen 1-800-683-2834 has it 
advertised as: Multi-function Temp-gauge sending unit for $48.95. Give 
them a try.
Ask Jim to send you a copy of his periodic flyiers
Good luck ! Merry Xmas