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James Fawcett wrote:
> >James:
> >Limited info, but here we go !
> Thanks, I was thinking that it might be the temperature sender, or the O2
> sensor, since I am getting much worse mileage lately too.  Also, when I
> start the car up, usually after setting a while, I can hear about 10 quiet
> clicks or bumps coming from the rear of the car, maybe the fuel accumulator,
> fuel pump will prolly be bad soon too, since I can really hear her hum
> sometimes.  My thoughts are to replace all the temperature senders and the
> thermo-time switch, since I am having trouble starting in the cold too
> (maybe temp-sender or cold start valve).  I have 131,000 miles on her and I
> think that all these senders and such could be going bad by now.  How much
> would this cost me?  I was already planning on replacing the O2 sensor.
> Prolly been a while.  Let me know what you think.  I really appreciate the
> help.
> James Fawcett
> 86 5kTQ
> jfawcett@mail.win org
> St. Charles,  MO   USA

James :

I would probably take systematic approach to isolating/resolving the problem:

1.- I would not be too concerned with a "buzzing" gas pump, most are noisy and 
2.- Replace fuel filter and air filter unless recently done.
3.- Run a full tank of a good fuel system cleaner. The listers mention " 
Techron "
4.- Replace Oxigen sensor if over 40K miles.
5.- If temp gauge ( dashboard) is erratic, replace multifunction sender (also 
computer - ECU -).
6.- Run or have someone run a "fuel system pressure test" for pump and 
7.- Check and clean if necessary the electrical connector to the pressure 
8.- I  use a liquid "contact enhancer" under the name "Stabilant"  ( expensive 
by the 
drop), and apply a single drop in all reachable connectors. The thinking is it 
resolve any connector difficulty if present and avoid it  in the future.
9.- If problems continue, you may have the cold start valve and pressure 
tests peerformed .
10.- I've runned out of recommendations.
Good luck