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Wastegate Frequency valve tubing (Schrapnel Knobben (R))

I would like to know the size and routing of hoses running to and from 
Wastegate Frequency valves(WFV):

What diameter (ID) from WFV to wastegate (1/8"-3.5mm mine)
What diameter to bottom of WFV (1/8" mine)
Routing: does line to bottom of WFV come from a connection at the back of the 
inlet manifold or from a connection upstream of the throttle plate (mine) - 
adjactent to the intercooler outlet. (this line from mine has another teed ito 
it before going to the WFV - does anyone know where it goes?
The line in mine from teh throttle plate area goes into a diaphragm device and 
from there to 2 other lines for use for? I don't know.

Where did you install your gauge/knob.  I'm running both as a permanent 
installation into the glove box - this of course means a supply and return 
line into the glove box area.

I'm hoping to get the extra parts I need and complete my knob installation 
over Christmas. I think Paul is away on a ski trip.
I looked through my Bentley but I haven't een able to find a diagram/picure of 
what I need to know.

Also those who have installed TAP intercooler hoses, how much are they and 
what boost pressure do you run with them and do they ever fail too?
86 5000CD Quattro 293,000 km (broken in- soon to be broken in at higher boost)