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Re: '83 5000, purchase?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>because the body style is quite different from my 5000's.  After some
inquiries, I have a little more info:  it IS an '83 5k, auto, runs?  
(whatever that means), and has vin WAUG B0438 DN0044395.  The interior is
leather, but the door panels are hurting.  Looks like an attack on the
window regs!!

Well its a nice "old lady car"  I test drove a coupla early 80's 5ks with
automatics (is slushboxes easier to type - no) about 9 years (2 audis) ago
and they couldn't get out of their own way.  Sorry to slam them, but that
was how they felt.  Still, worth a try, nice feeling car if it doesn't seem
to slow to get going.  For your son?  I'd say keep looking for a 4000. 
smaller, more fun, cheapr to fix unless its a quattro.  

How much is the one on the side of the road?  Oughta be worth about a grand
at most if nothing important is broken.  BTW they do have the best sunroof. 
Comes further forward than all the other models (more vertical windsheild,
rain-x works perfectly...)  I have parts cars in that style.  If it was a 5
speed I'd say get serious about it.

Just my un-humble opinionated babble.

Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers