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Re: Sad story from LaJolla

STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> >It has been said:
> >> >I was driving quite briskly...I hit a big dip at just under 70mph...
> >> >...The front spoiler was intact without a scratch...
> > Interesting datapoint, in the last 3
> weeks Shokan has recieved 18 A4Q's that have been totaled.... Hmmmmmmmm.
> My advice for those folks that love to "Prove" how great they are behind
> the wheel.  Come out to a track event and try it for real. Bet your not
> nearly as good as you think you are..........

I agreee with Eric from the first person perspective.  My ole '87 5KCS TQ has about 
160mph, is no rocket but is quick, and definitely is fast.  Yet I found myself craving a 
more powerful car.  Mods or S6?   My speed/power lust was somewhat moderated when I went 
to my first Quattro event in April '95 at Blawkhawk farms.  

What I learned in the exercises before the track laps was that the car was far more 
capable as a performer than I was as a driver.  I simply wasn't getting everything out 
of the TQ as it was capable of.  This is a sobering thought.  I bet 98% of the street 
racers are less capable as drivers as their vehicles are as machines.

Before doing mods or buying more HP consider improving your driving skills first.  It's 
terribly humbling to be less capable that a hunk of metal with 4 contact patches.  Raw 
power in unskilled or stupid hands is dangerous and can be deadly.  I hope everyone will 
drive appropriately for the conditions, and will not exceed their ability to control 
their car.