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Snow & Ice Event 97 Bow, NH

I just received this post from the New England Region Audi Quattro Club,
USA. I belong to this club and they have a web site at;


Here is the announcement:

"This event is being hosted by the NER (New England Region of the Sports
Car Club of America), the TCNE (a TSD rally club based in
Massachusetts), the NEQ (New England Region Audi Quattro Club, USA) so
far and the BMW/CCA for the sunday event.

On Friday 1/31/97 (evening time to be determined) there will be a Novice
Rally School.

On Saturday 2/1/97 there will be an aprox. 150 TDI Road Rally.

On Sunday 2/2/97 there will be a time trial on Newfound Lake, NH.

The meeting place is the Hampton Inn in Bow, NH. They can be reached on
the web for rooms at;


The Event-Master is David Lewis. He has a web page that has information
about this event at

Further information will be posted when it becomes available."

If you are members of this club I'll see you there. They have also
posted the event dates for their Watkins Glenn and Lime Rock events.

Please contact the NEQ if you have any questions about the above.


'86 4KQ
'97 A4Q - both on 93 octane, thank you.