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Re: A4 vs S4

Paul Diller Wrote:

I'm interested in buying an A4 1.8 or S4...

 Agonizing decision...I'm trying to make it myself...it comes down to
 this, do you need the room of the S4?  No question the 1.8, with the
 ability to chip up to as much as 350hp, the technolgy and refinement and
 waranty make it a clear winner over the S4.  But there is absolutely no
 leg room for two adults in the back.  I know, I have an A4.  I love the
 car but it's too small.  However, I'm saving big money over financing
 an S6 or S4.  If room is not a problem, hands down, A4.  I drove the 1.8
 5 speed 2 weeks ago, I posted an impression on the list.  It has all of
 the charisma of the S4 and more...
 If you need to carry adults in the back, forget it.  Buy an S4 or S6.
 Steve Pitts
 96 A6 Q Wagon
 96 A4Q (97 A4Q 1.8 on order)