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Re: sad story from La Jolla

In a message dated 96-12-20 21:39:59 EST, you write:

<< >I was driving quite briskly.  Just as I passed the Comedy Club on 
      >Pearl, I hit a big dip at just under 70mph. Upon seeing the 
      >dip, I had scrubbed off as much speed as possible without
      >losing control.  Next thing I knew, all four tires were in the air, 
      >and I was soaring through the intersection about one foot off the 
      >ground.  Before I could get "Look what you've done now stupid," out 
      >of my mouth, the front tires touched down with a thud.  >>

As a former Pearl Street resident of La Jolla, I find it unconscionable that
someone would willfully fly past the Comedy Club (or, for that matter,
ANYWHERE on a city surface street; but for those familiar with the area,
ESPECIALLY La Jolla and Pearl St.!) at 70+ mph!  With the concentration of
retired elderly persons and college students that enjoy walking around La
Jolla at all times, the risk to innocent passerbys is very high, and very
real indeed.  Yes, I know, "let those free of sin cast the...," but the
machismo and casualness with which this story was related is striking.
 Unfortunately, anyone visiting La Jolla will find no shortage of
street-racer wanabees crowding the streets (mostly from other areas of San
Diego) with their shiny Porsches, Ferraris, Lotus', etc.  I, too, wish to
join others in extending my best wishes to all for a joyous, tranquil, and
safe holiday season!

The Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota
'92 Subaru SVX LS-L w/touring pkg., 44k
'84 dorF p/u (obtained to haul my Audi parts around with ! : -)
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