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Fuel Treatment (was Re: 90q20V oil consumption and guage, Head FS)

In article <961222133546_1087914726@emout01.mail.aol.com> you write:
>Siegfried writes:
>they should at that mileage.  My recommendation to 20V owners is change oil
>regularly, make sure the O2 sensor is OK and put in a can of BG44K injection
>system cleaner every once in a while.

But according to the marketing literature I've seen from B&G, 44K is supposed
to take care of all the carbon buildup in just a single tank!  The Audi
dealer in Fort Collins, CO is the one that had the literature, and the
parts manager said it was great stuff...  It didn't seem to do anything
for our 90q20v that Techron doesn't.

So, my question is about how good the different stuff REALLY is.  I use
Techron about once every 4 to 6 weeks on the recommendation of a friend's
father (who was a long-time Audi owner).  The B&G 44K didn't seem to do
anything for me, I was trying to cure a hesitation at 4KRPM problem...

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