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Starts...Then Stalls

The car: 1988 5KS auto - 80K miles.

The symptom: Starts as normal...idles 5 seconds @ 1000 rpm, then rpms slowly
drop until the engine stalls.

Backround:  Two days ago I drove about 100 miles during the day.  On the way
home I stopped for a few minutes while leaving the engine running to
maintain heat (SO was cold).  I got out of the car and noticed the engine
was surging.  Got back into the car and noticed the rpms jumping to almost
3000.  I stepped on the gas pedal a couple of times and eventually the rpms
stabilized at 1000.  Went to take care of some stuff.  Five minutes later I
got back into the car and took off.  Less than a minute later I stopped at a
stop sign and the engine stalled.  I re-started and it stalled again.  I
re-started and kept my foot on the gas pedal to rev the engine and it was ok
until I got home.  The next morning I tried it again, and all it did was
start, then stall.

Other Symptoms:  Fuel pump has been buzzing loudly for about 10K miles now.
O2 light has been on for about 7K miles.  I've recently noticed a drop in
gas mileage - I assume that's due to the O2 sensor.

I'm guessing I need a new fuel pump, but, I'm no expert.  

Does anyone know what's going on here?  


Gary - NYC