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Dear Quattro Experts,
	I finally got my TT Switch situation fixed.  Turned out it was the
starter solenoid that was defective and not supplying the voltage during
cranking.  Replaced the solenoid and viola...I can now start when it is
cold.   However, the next issue is that after it starts there is no
elevated idle.  If I let go of the pedal it will drop to <500 RPM and
die.  If I hold the pedal to keep the RPM about 1200 or so it warms up
nicely and it runs fine after that.  Is there a special circuit that
helps raise the RPM during warm up?  If so please give me a hint of what
to look for.   Thanks again to ALL the Quattro people for the great help
this year.  I don't know what I would have done without this list. 
Happy holidays,

Doug Evans
85   4000S QUATTRO
88   90 QUATTRO
84   325e