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I have found the stock CH95s to be a surprising good snow tire
(195/65 on an A6Q).  I have no complaints about them in normal
weather conditions.  They are a touring tire, so you can't expect them
to deliver the high-performance handling that you would get in a more
costly performance tire.  I will soon see how the 205/55s perform in
the snow.


>>From: colin cohen <102621.2256@compuserve.com>
>>Date: 22 Dec 96 18:03:49 EST
>>Subject: CONTI CH95?
>>I believe these are being fitted to many of the new A4s and A6s.  Conti
>>considerable $$$ in the development of these for heavier German cars, and
>>Eurocar Mag strated off by saying they were pretty good but later seemed to
>>repeal that judgement by qualifying them as NOT a 10/10 tire for dry
>>Sooooooo, as we move into the slush season, any Q listers out there who
>>care to comment on how their new tyres/tires/tars (as various have so named
>>them) are performing.   TIA