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Re: Coupe Q electrical problem

Jon, I don't know what car you mean by "Coupe Q", but I assume you mean
 the '90 -'91 Coupe Quattro.  One thought:  did this occur shortly after
turning on the windshield wipers?  I wonder if they are jammed because of
the cold (had this happen onetime after parking the car overnite in -25F
weather; wipers wouldn't work for about 10 minutes until engine heat 
probably warmed up some of the electricals/linkage).  If they are past the 
"Park" position, wiper motor might be demanding too much current due to
being jammed.  Can you diconnect the wiper motor harness and try a new fuse?

Might suggest trying to bring car into heated garage for a couple of hours,
you havne't done this yet.  

As far as trouobleshooting; do you have a clamp-on ammeter?  try checking
the wires to the wiper motor for excessive current, if fuse holds out long

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro 

In a message dated 96-12-23 08:18:15 EST, you write:

 It's about -30C and I'm on the highway to the airport when I lose my 
 signal lights, front and rear wipers. 25 amp fuse #15 is blown - 
 according to the manual this fuse controls not only the accessories I 
 mentioned above but also the thermoswitch (good thing it was -30 out), 
 and some references in the shop manual also mention the A/C. 
 I turned everything off and a new fuse popped immediately. Unplugged the 
 fan, and the new fuse lasted 10 minutes before blowing. Anyone have a 
 suggestion about where to procede with this? I wish I had the electrical 
 - --
 Jon Sala