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Re: 5kTQ exhaust

> At 02:59 AM 12/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
> >>Wouldn't you get much better flow with just the cat
> >>and one muffler?  Thanks.
> >
> >Yes you can but it's annoying........  BTDoingT....
> >
> Eric, annoying.  The sound is you mean.  So those two extras are muflers
> huh.  This just seems weird since all my buddies own mustangs or big chevys
> and high flow exhaust is usually the first performance additive that goes
> on.  Is there something you can do in this department that is not annoying?
> Thanks for the help.

Yes, but what muffler is Eric using?  Eric?  I hear you're fine removing
the center mufflers and staying with the OEM rear... a little louder perhaps...