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Headlight switch/connector meltdown


My 89 200TQ's low beam headlights refused to come on last
night even though the High beams worked fine. I traced the problem to 
the connector that plugs  into the back of the headlight switch
assembly on the  steering column. The connector on the
yellow wire that goes from the headlight switch down to the
front lamp control  relay was toasted and had melted the
plastic connector housing. I am hoping the switch assembly
is ok. I am running the stock wattage headlight bulbs but as 
others have reported Audi decided to switch
the full current for the Low and High beams through 
this connector and switch. Not a great idea.......

If you have not yet installed relays to turn on the low and 
high beam headlights, do it soon! The relays will also provide
more voltage to the lights as the stock wiring/switch
tends to drop around a volt.

The 89 200TQ headlight switch plastic connector part 
number is 443-971-978  

Happy Holidays to everyone
Hoping your Audi finds some snow to play in

Scott M.
89 200TQ with
MC engine (2 knock sensors),
Home Brewed EPROM with Overboost to 2.0 bar 
STEADIRIC suspension kit,  hoping my kit 
instructions and refund check are in the mail......