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RE:Tamiya A4 BTCC R/C model to be won!

In a note dated 12/23/96, Tom Nas says;
<Snip>I'm extremely envious of anyone lucky enough to win this tasty toy (AWD
A4 >BTCC Tamiya R/C model). It's been on my wish list ever since I heard of
it, but >frankly it costs more than I can afford. Sigh...<Snip>
Sighing too...There is a local hobby shop that has that "tasty toy" featured
in their ads these days. Can't justify or afford near $300.00 US for an r/c
model toy though-rather put it into my full size "toy". Did pick up a really
cool Matchbox Avus quattro and a yellow 90 though...those are mine too-kids
don't get 'em! ;-)...

Happy Holidays to all you fellow q fans out there.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq