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I second Mark's recommendation of the D40 M2. I have them on the 200q
and have had them on an 88 Saab 9000T before that. Very impressive on
both cars (both heavy cars) in the dry and in the rain, but worth next
to nothing in snow on the Saab and only saved by quattro on the 200.

Also, they're cheap for what they offer.
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  issaquah, wa, usa

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>> as we move into the slush season, any Q listers out there who would
>> care to comment on how their new tyres/tires/tars (as various have 
>> so named them) are performing. 
>our a4q (1.8t) has the goodyear rs-a tyres. in the wet they seem to be
>well matched to the car's output though we haven't seen any emergency
>manouvers yet (to our relief!).
>in the dry, where i'm happier about experimenting, they do not perform
>as well as the dunlop "d40 m2"s we have fitted to our other car (not an
>audi). the "rs-a"s will drift, albeit predictably and safely, on hard
>cornering where the dunlops are well glued. the "rsa-s" also have a
>tendency to squeal (prior to drifting) where, again, the dunlops simply
>take the car around the corner.
>i suspect that the goodyears perform better in the snow however, but we
>won't get a chance to find out until we drive to a snowy area.
>the dunlops were fitted as replacements for some michelins (forget the
>model# but very fancy tyres, many $$$s), which behaved similar to the
>goodyear tyres. i highly recommend the dunlops (d40 m2, they are Z
>rated, which is kind of over-the-top on a stock audi a4), at least for
>dry weather. maybe another lister has xperience of these tyres in the
>snow ?
>consumer reports highly recommended the d60 a2, which is available as an
>H rated tyre.
>my feeling is that car manufacturers do deals with tyre companies and
>the tyres fitted as shipped have more to do with $$$s than to do with
>"perfect handling matches".