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-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>>>The OXS light just came on in my 4000Q.   Do I have some maintenance that
I have to do?  or is this a reminder thing?   How do I reset the light? -
Doug Evans<<<

I have seen no reply to Doug, so...

The light is on a mileage counter.  It goes off every 30k miles.  Reset by
pressing the little white button recessed on the back of the black box in
the speedometer drive line.  (in the engine compartment plenum)  You should
test your OXS if not replace it.  Test it by measuring the voltage at the
OXS output, it should be cycling up and down around 500 to 900 mV (I may be
wrong about exact value) while still connected.  Recommend you hook up your
voltmeter with the engine off then start it.

The OXS wire should be available as a single wire connector at the upper
rear of the pass. (right) side of the engine compartment.  Or find it in the
exhaust system (front of cat?) and follow the wire up.


Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers