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Re: V8 3.6 Motor Mods


Your wrote:

<I'll probably see my brother-in-law over the Holidays. He's a real
<so may know about someone who has put on an aftermarket turbo. I'll also see
<if he remembers the name of the shop he mentioned before that can turbo
<If transmission mods were needed or not needed on other vehicles, I guess an
<extrapolation of this info could be made to the V8. My feeling is that 
<since the extra power of turbo charging doesn't kick in until around 2,500
<increments from there that it wouldn't be as stressful on the transmission
<a similar increase in base engine output. Do you know if Audi (or anyone
<for that matter) made two different transmissions where turbo options were 

Let me know what you find out.  That 2,500 rpm turbo kick-in is dependent of
turbo size, and what you want your engine to do.  If you want useable, fairly
instant torque, you'll want smaller turbos that will spool-up quicker.  The
neat part about dual turbos is that you can have (theoretically) the best of
both worlds --gobs of power at the low-mid band all the way up to readline.
 I have a technician who specializes in Audis who recently rebuilt a V-8
tranny.  Turns out very little was worn (I think it mostly leaked).  So the
good news is a ZF repair kit is available --Have to find out how it went.  As
to whether Audi made a "heavy duty" turbo-ready auto tranny, I'm not sure
(maybe Phil Payne across the pond would know).  Audi did offer an S-8 in
Europe (V8 turboed), but I believe it was a stick.